Functions of our website

This section aims at defining the conditions for referencing and ranking the advertisements on the website (« the Belles Demeures Website »), in accordance with Decree no. 2017-1434 of 29th September 2017 setting forth the « information obligations applicable to platform operators offering, on a professional level, an online communication service to the general public based on ranking or referencing, through computerised algorithms, of content, goods or services offered or put online by third parties ».

I. Referencing of advertisers :

• The display of advertisements on the Belles Demeures Website is reserved for advertisers who have signed an agreement with Belles Demeures (« the Belles Demeures Agreement ») and who fall within one of the following categories:
- real estate professionals holding a transaction card (« carte de transaction ») or management card (« carte de gestion ») in accordance with the Hoguet law no. 70-9 of 2nd January 1970,
- notaries,
- lawyers performing a subsidiary activity as representative in real estate transactions.

• The signature of a Belles Demeures Agreement only covers the display of advertisements for exceptional real estate property.

• In the event of lack of respect by the advertiser of its contractual commitments and/or the regulations in force and in particular those related to real estate professionals and/or the rules for displaying advertisements, Belles Demeures reserves the right, without prior notice, to refuse or block the publication of advertisements and/or to terminate the Belles Demeures Agreement of the advertiser.

II. Ranking of the advertisements:

The default sorting of the advertisements (entitled « Sort Selection » on the results page) is the display order of the advertisements which applies automatically when the internet user has not personalised the sort selection or specified preferential criteria:

The advertisements are displayed by default in the following priority order :

1. Typology of the advertisement

Depending on the fee-paying option that may be activated by the advertiser on one or several advertisements, these may benefit, in the initial default sort on the Belles Demeures Website, from a priority display in the results list of the Belles Demeures Website.

The priority display order will apply depending on the option activated by the advertiser on the advertisement and the level of highlighting granted by each option.

2. Quality of the advertisement:

Within each typology of advertisement, the advertisements are prioritised depending on their quality. Thus, the fuller the advertisement, the higher its priority in the results list of the Belles Demeures Website.

Several criteria are taken into account for defining the quality of an advertisement, and in particular the property’s geo-location details, the pictures accompanying the property, the information about the property, etc ...

3. Advertisements with identical quality are sorted by decreasing order of price.